Welcome to Digital Citizenship Week – Day 1 “Staying Safe Online”

Digital Citizenship Week is an annual opportunity to reflect on being intentional about our behavior online. Throughout Round Rock ISD, students are participating in learning experiences focusing on everything from privacy to copyright to finding a balance regarding screen time.

Each day this week we will share the Daily Tip as well as a few suggestions and ideas that either students or staff around Round Rock ISD can incorporate into their own digital lives.

Daily Tip #1 – To stay safe online, it is important to never post any personal information about yourself online. This includes your full name, home address, email address and phone number. Think carefully before you post anything online.

This is also a great reminder to review our social media privacy settings at least annually. There can be great value both professionally and personally in connecting with others online, but we must remember the value sought by the companies does not usually align with our own. Terms of service and privacy policies change often so it is important to ensure we only share what we wish to share. Click here for an excellent resource provided by the University of Texas on how to manage your social media privacy settings.

Here is another helpful tool we’re sharing with students this week. Let’s all remember to THINK before we post.

Stay tuned, tomorrow is all about our Digital Footprints.