Supporting, Teaching, And Reaching Students

– Only 30 minutes a week during the school year.

– Free training and certification.

– Coach, share and encourage a child.

– Mentee is matched to your strengths.

– Unlock your own potential.

Why Be A Mentor?

  • “Mentors serve an integral role in Round Rock ISD by serving our students’ social and emotional needs. Thank you for donating your time and energy to ensure our students have a positive and encouraging influence in their lives.”

    Dr. Steve Flores
    Dr. Steve Flores
    Superintendent of Schools
  • “Mentoring is so rewarding. Knowing that I can touch the life of a student who needs someone to talk to or just to be there when they need that ear.”

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    Valued RRISD Mentor

S.T.A.R.S. Supporting, Teaching and Reaching Students is a school-based program for students who would benefit from the positive influence a mentor can bring to their life.

Mentoring a child is a way for community members and businesses to volunteer.  When you volunteer as a mentor you not only discover new things about yourself but you provide a friendship to a child who needs and wants the positive influence.

  • 53% of students credit mentors with improving their ability to avoid drugs.
  • 59% of mentored teens get better grades.
  • Mentoring improves a mentee’s self-esteem.
  • Mentees want positive social attitudes and relationships.

On location training is available. For groups of six or more participants, the one hour training can be performed at your location.  E-mail Dawn Steele to request date and time. If you are a returning Mentor and need to complete your annual Volunteer Application.

Contact Us:

Dawn Steele
STARS Mentor Coordinator