Adapted Physical Education


To provide a developmental physical education program for all identified individuals, enabling them to participate successfully in the most integrated setting possible, building a foundation for enjoyment, social development and access to a physically active lifestyle.


  • Acquire state/national recognition
  • Have program specific staff development
  • Use technology to increase communication and the availability of resources
  • Work to improve guidelines, strategies, curriculum
  • Be better understood as a program in the district
  • Increase our influence on surrounding colleges for teacher preparation
  • Be more knowledgeable of all disabling conditions
  • Be more collaborative with OT, PT, teachers, support staff, and other related services in our efforts with student
  • Be respected by our colleagues by demonstrating excellent knowledge of special education procedures, knowledge of developmental physical education at all levels, knowledge of disabling conditions and how to effectively address those issues in physical education, and finally, the very important skill of effective communication, both verbally and in written documentation
  • Be progressive with the integration of electronic media that enhances physical movement for active lifestyles