SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council)

To advocate advancement of knowledge to improve educational outcomes for families and children with disabilities.

SEPAC members are comprised of parents of special education students, professionals, community representatives, and the Round Rock ISD Superintendent and Director of Special Education, all of whom are focused on impacting the lives of children with disabilities and their families positively. Council members represent the four Round Rock ISD Learning Communities in elementary and secondary levels, as well as through a broad spectrum of disabilities. In addition to Council members, there are SEPAC Campus Representatives. Each school in Round Rock ISD has at least one Campus Representative, who is the parent of a student receiving special education services and is available as a resource for the other parents of children with special needs.

SEPAC newletter masthead

Information is provided to all parents/guardians of special education students through the:

  • SEPAC Newsletters – published four times yearly and mailed to more than 3200 families and distributed to over 500 Round Rock ISD staff members. This newsletter provides information about what is going on in special education.
  • SEPAC Council meetings- Council meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.
  • SEPAC Luncheons/ Campus Rep. Meetings- Campus Representatives attend monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month throughout the academic year. This is an open meeting to any parent in Round Rock ISD.
  • SEPAC Parent Handbook – Many resources have been brought together in the Parent Handbook to help guide parents through the Special Education process in Roud Rock ISD. These handbooks are made available to parents as their child qualifies for special education services.
  • Family Resource Center -Portable 020– this is located near the Round Rock ISD Administration building at 1311 Round Rock Avenue. The district’s Parent Liaisons have offices at this location and maintain a lending library for parents of children with disabilities.
  • Current event flyers, resource lists, book reviews, links and more can all be found at the Parent Liaisons’ website.

President – Nimisha Patel – 512-733-0323

Vice President – Anel Coranado


  • Sherry Niccolai
  • Kellie Johnson
  • Cara Lee Billo
  • Cherith Watson
  • Kellie Johnson

  • Jennifer Bacak

Secretary – Gracie Baker

Newsletter – Veronica Karr

Campus Rep Program Chair – vacant

Campus Lead Reps:

  • Round Rock – Kellie Franklin
  • Cedar Ridge – Anel Coronado
  • McNeil – Janie Holder
  • Stony Point – Diana Smith
  • Westwood – Vacant